Voiceover Artist

 Brian Mathis


Brian Mathis has been acting since he was in the womb.   His mother spins fascinating tales about off-off uterus shows and even a mini-series starring Brian as early as the first tri-mester.  Click here for pictures of Brian in questionable situations and strange costumes.    PHOTOS

Visit Brian’s IMDB Page for his bio and filmography.  Click on Resume for his theatrical resume.

Brian is currently the drama teacher at All Saints Christian School in Fort Worth, TX.  You can audit his class if you’d like, but you might as well go somewhere else and buy the class for credit.

He is also studying at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Voiceover - Click here to visit Behind the Voice, where you can hear more about Brian’s exploits as a voiceover artist.


“My voice has been used or described as Narrative, gentle, sexy, funny and whacky characters. Celebrity actor and singer impressions. animal voices. Anime.”